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Crocodile - may 2018 - w/motopony and ezra bell - Seattle Washington
Sound Effect KNKX 89.5 - Nov 2016 - Seattle Washington
Volume music fest - June 2016 - Spokane Washington
Capitol Hill Block Party - July 2016 - Seattle Washington
Capitol Hill Block Party - July 2014 - Seattle Wasington
Bob Rivers Radio Show 95.7 - July 2014 - Seattle Washington - Watch

Northwest Music Scene
100 bands in 100 days

"Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of pop or rock bands that lean heavily on horns for their sound, in fact it’s almost like there is a rule against it. One exception to that imaginary rule is Seattle’s Sebastian and the Deep Blue who have found a way to use brass and strings to development a sound all their own. While they definitely fit pretty comfortably inside the chamber pop world, that’s a vast place, at times hard to define. So it leaves a lot of room to tinker around with the sound and be completely unique, which they accomplish brilliantly. They are thankfully all over the musical map, seemingly not bound by any pre-conceived notion of what a band or orchestra with horns should sound like."

The Northwest Music Scene

Volume Music Fest 2016
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"There’s an overwhelming amount of sound when Sebastian and the Deep Blue hit the stage. The group’s core stays grounded in indie rock songwriting with a violinist peppering in elements of chamber pop. But then come the heavy horns. The three piece brass section throws an interesting wrench in the mix without ever venturing into ska-y territory, giving the group a sound unto itself."

the Inlander Magazine

Capitol Hill Block Party 2016
preview review

"Several recent NW vogues intersect in this musically ambitious neuftet: the thing where there are tons of people in the band, including string and horn sections, and the thing where the musical influences intermingle to include skoshes of R&B, funk, and, according to them, “afropop,” along with the thing where you get the vague sense they might have just stepped out of a church. Or maybe it only sounds like that because they can actually play. Which they definitely can. The arrangements are impressive, and the songs really move. It should be interesting to see how their energetic “chamber pop” (again, their words) translates to the CHBP throng."

Sean Nelson - the Stranger

Capitol Hill Block Party 2014
preview review

"One song sounded like the most stripped-down Fleet Foxes. The next brought an Americana version of gypsy punk. Upon launching an online investigation of the Seattle band Sebastian and the Deep Blue, I found three songs so ridiculously disparate they could've been done by three different and very weird bands. One song sounded like the most stripped-down Fleet Foxes. The next brought an Americana version of gypsy punk. The third was... cabaret rap? The distance between the songs seems like a key part of the act. See how it all gels live here.

D. SCHMADER - the Stranger

Risk Reward Single Review

"Sebastian and the Deep Blue have always been skilled at arranging. Utilizing big horns, jazzy guitars and lovely vocal mixes, the band creates detailed, thorough music. The first track from their new record Meritocracy, “Risk Reward,” is no different. The track bumps with big saxophones. It slinks with violins. And it impresses with the chorus, “I’m never gonna give it up!” Lead singer, Barry Sebastian, recently went through a cancer scare so that dancing with death can’t be removed from the song’s message of living life strong and full.”

Jake Uitti - The Monarch Review

Plastic Parts album Review

"I find myself picturing people in red and white carnival outfits with big black mustaches holding hooked canes. You know that feeing walking through a fair, that warm feeling with all different sorts of folks around, banjos and acoustic guitars, delicious smells in the air, rides, games? That is the feeling of Sebastian and the Deep Blue’s new album Plastic Parts.Listening to it, I find myself picturing people in red and white carnival outfits with big black mustaches holding hooked canes. I imagine large, spinning, lit-up wheels with people held to them by centrifugal force. I imagine rings thrown toward empty but heavy milk bottles. My favorite song on the album is “Grown Tired”, a sweet, guitar-picked tune that has vocalist Barry Sebastian singing, “I’m lost. Got lost in the swirl of the crowd. I’ve lost, lost sight in what – and what it’s about.”

Jake Uitti - The Monarch Review

"I am continually amazed

at all of the awesome music coming out of Seattle and Sebastian and the Deep Blue is no exception. I found out about Sebastian and the Deep Blue several months ago through a friend and my first thought upon hearing their music was, 'Holy crap! This is really, really good. This is coming out of Seattle, too?!'. The band's debut full length, Plastic Parts, is out now and it's an album chock full of an impressive lot of songs that will stick with you long after you listen. The music is fun and upbeat with a bit of swank and sexy times folded in for good measure."

Sean DeTore- the Mix Tape